AMF Life Applications

The primary application for AMF equipment to date has been research related to hyperthermia treatments for cancer, utilizing magnetic nanoparticles. AMF has built equipment for research use at several prestigious universities around the world.


Hyperthermia treatments for cancer utilizing magnetic nanoparticles.

Organ Preservation

Nanowarming for thawing of cryopreserved organs.

Biofilm Eradication

Biofilm eradication on metallic implants and prosthetics.

Future Applications

Future applications that have been discussed include:

  • Heating of metallic implants in-vivo for biofilm remediation and eradication
  • Heating of metallic implants for cancer therapy
  • Use of antibody guided particles for killing viral infections
  • Heating of shape memory materials for stents including drug coated
  • Heat activated chemotherapy
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